Did you know that we rate our customers? 😁

We classify our customers into four categories, based on the following, not necessarily in that order:

  • Payment terms and meeting those terms consistently
  • Project management and advance notice when submitting work
  • Quality and interest of the content submitted for translation or revision
  • Quality of the business relationship - courtesy, respect, values, transparency
  • Partnership and teamwork
Our VIP customers on the 😁 A list 😁 are given priority and benefit from our very best standards of service. 
Customers on the 😞 D list 😞 will only get our attention if we are looking to fill in a gap in work or if they show a level of improvement in how they treat the business relationship. If not, we usually end the partnership.

The A list is where you want to be!

Here is a partial list of the customers served over the years
(order not indicative of current rating)



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